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The continuing increase in life expectancy poses demanding challenges to society in general and public health systems in particular. Promotion of health in old age requires intensive research efforts into ageing processes and age-related diseases. It is now being increasingly recognised that a reductionist approach ascribing ageing phenomena to single causes is inadequate to explain all functional changes associated with ageing. Therefore strategies suited to study complex stochastic systems are required.

In recent years, a multidisciplinary approach known as systems biology has emerged that analyses the interactions between the components of biological systems in a systems-wide way. We expect that age research will greatly benefit from such a systems biology perspective.

The workshop will bring together bench scientists and modellers interested in systems biology of ageing.

We invite researchers to present new original research adopting systems biology approaches to ageing phenomena including age-related diseases either as oral or a poster contributions. Submissions will be accepted electronically starting in April 2012. The submission deadline is now extended to August 31, 2012.

Workshop organization is supported by the Jena Centre for Systems Biology of Ageing - JenAge, the Jena Centre for Bioinformatics - JCB and the Leibniz Institute for Age Research, Fritz Lipmann Institute - FLI.

The workshop will be followed by the German Conference on Bioinformatics 2012, to be held also in Jena on September 20-22, 2012.